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1. IAP Guidelines for Swine Flu  12935
2. IAP Guidebook 2007  12597
3. IAP Guidebook 2006  4065
4. Standardisation of Pediatric Office Practice  7285
5. IAP Conference Guidelines  5963
(Consensus statement on the diagnosis and management of asthama in Children)  11390
7. IAP Workshop on Safe Injection Practices :
(Recommendation and IAP Plan of Action)  4867
8. Policy on Infant Feeding
Appropriate nutritional practices play a pivotal role in determining optimal health and development of infants concerned by the lack of uniform guidelines for appropriate infant feeding practces in the India context, the IAP Subspeciality Chapter on Nutrition conducted a Workshop to define a policy on Infant Feeding.....  4903
9. The Fourteen Meeting of the Indian Expert Advisory Group for Polio Eradication
(Conclusions and Recommendations)