Welcome to Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)

Organizational Structure

The organizational Structure and functioning of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) is based on a 3 tier system i.e. (1) National Level (2) State Level and (3) District/City Level. The above illustration shows the organizational structure of association at national level. General Body is the highest decision making body. This is followed by Executive Board, who is the main executive body. The office bearers of Academy viz. President, Honorary General secretary and others come next.

The office Superintendent is responsible for day-to-day functioning of Central Office. She/he supervises all the activities under the guidance of General Secretary. A team comprising of 10 staff persons supports the Office Superintendent for carrying out all the activities.

IAP has two journal offices - at Delhi (Indian Pediatrics) and Chennai (Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics). IAP has two publication offices - at Gwalior (National Publication House) and at Indore (International Publication House). IAP has additional office for project work - at Gandhidham in Kutch, Gujarat (NRP FGM office) and at Meerut (NRP Ware house office). The Election office of IAP is tied with the location of the Chief Election Commissioner in a given election year.

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