Dr. Digant D. Shastri

Dr. Digant D. Shastri

Dear fellow academicians,

The most important treasure of any country is its child population and so does the role of every pediatrician. Am proud to be a pediatrician taking care of this treasure of our country and more proudful to lead the organization of paediatricians as their president for the year 2019.

The year  2019 has begun with a mega annual event, “PEDICON 2019” at MMRD ground, BKC, Mumbai. We had a very successful conference from all the angles and for that, all credits go to the Organizing Committee of PEDICON 2019 and our Central IAP Office staff who worked day and night in coordination with each other.  Delegates had the opportunity to interact with

International speakers and a large number of highly eminent National speakers.  Those who are involved with the organizational activities had the opportunity to conduct various administrative meetings, drafting policies and plans for the upcoming year. We had national training of trainers workshops for 10 modules of IAP action plan during PEDICON and we could train around 400 paediatricians as national trainers who will continue the knowledge dissemination activities all through the year all across the length and breadth of the country.

Dr. Digant D. Shastri
IAP President

The ever-growing child population of India needs the definite attention of our Government and our Pediatricians. The role of every pediatrician from urban to rural sector of our country is equally important in child health index. We will continue working hand in hand with the government and nongovernment organizations for improvement of the child health parameters. We wish to carry out many community activities and by that way will try to strengthen the image of IAP in the community.

For average practitioner research has been made to look a difficult pasture to till. I wish to see a paradigm shift in this and feel it is time for IAP to come forward for promoting research in our country as research is the lifeline of modern medicine. I would like to take the Pediatricians to a mindset of research in daily practice. Let many do it may it be to any level from observations to interventions to innovations.

IAP under its action plans is trying hard to educate its members to improve the quality of child care and understanding of the child health tools and the same we shall continue in the year 2019. In the era of quality control, IAP is also committed for same and we plan to implement a unique model for improving quality of care.

In the era of digitalization, I wish our IAP functioning and learning activities through the IAP platform to become more and more digital and for that, we have an ambitious project of digital IAP.

As a President IAP, I have a cluster of good ideas in my mind to implement for a better tomorrow for children of our nation and for that I seek your wholehearted support and participation. Friends, my vision can only be through your eyes. Please send me your suggestions/ideas and proposals by sending email on my designated official email address: president@iapindia.org, it will help me in drafting plans and policies for the year 2019.

With warm regards to one and all

In the service of Academy

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