A nation that wants to prosper has to invest in its children. An unconditional commitment and compassion are needed towards our growing children for their overall health, development, and well-being. The children must be offered equal opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy and mentally sound manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity. The ever-growing child population of India needs the definite attention of our Government and our Pediatricians. The role of every pediatrician from urban to rural sector of our country is equally important in child health index. Indian Academy of Pediatrics, an organization of all the pediatricians in India is a role model NGO looking after child health issues, for many years. IAP under its action plans is trying hard to educate its members for better care and understanding of the child health tools. Right from the feeding practices soon after the birth till adolescents, all concerned issues are addressed with a great vigor and discipline. As a president of IAP 2018 I, Dr. Santosh Soans, feel totally committed towards every aspect of a child’s health and assure a wholehearted dedication and support. “Every child counts” and hence I promise to render my best efforts towards the accomplishment of child health indices. Thanking you.

Dr Santosh Soans
President, CIAP, India.



  1. Very True Dr. Soans. Every practicing pediatrician can reach out to 15 families per day in his/her daily practice with guidance for appropriate psycho social and personality development/ emotional development of children. Thus a small extra step taken by every pediatrician can transform the society and the nation in due course of time

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